When I told my friends and family I would be studying at Melbourne University in Australia, they all had the same question: "Why Melbourne?" I chose Melbourne because it is very beautiful and has a strong focus on culture and art. Melbourne is ranked the most livable city every year and I  wanted to explore the truths behind this ranking myself. Australia is far from where I currently live: Boston, Massachusetts. I know that I will miss my family and friends, but the experience that I will receive will hopefully be worthwhile. 

I am a Theater and Studio Art double major and I hope to be able to incorporate all my new adventures into my artistic creations.  I am excited to be able to contrast the differences between American art and Australian Art. Art consumes my life and seeing it through a different perspective will enhance my understanding of art. For my studies, I will be taking Australian Art, Contemporary Art, Intro to Movie Making, and Drawing 3D. 

While studying abroad, I  want to see a kangaroo front in center. It would make my stay very enjoyable because I have always wanted to see a kangaroo for many years. I also hope to see the Eureka tower, ride the old steam train, see a koala, attempt to surf, buy my first legal drink in Australia, learn the Australian accent as well as the slang words, travel outside of Melbourne, go to a beach, and visit the fairy penguins. I am ready to explore the different spectacles Australia has to offer. 

I just arrived at Melbourne University for Welcome Week, a four-day program aimed at immersing international and study abroad students into the Australian culture through field trips and community activities. The flight to Melbourne lasted a long time: 22 hours in total! I flew from Boston to Los Angeles and than to Melbourne. The airplane food was not that great, but it still kept me full. Through the week program, I hope to meet many new people and get to know Melbourne a bit more closely.