The first weekend in October I visited nearby Marseille (31km away) with my friends Molly and Valerie.  Marseille is the second biggest city in France.  You probably have heard about the biggest one.  Its got this famous tower, museum, arc, cathedral, etc. (wink, wink)

Marseille is a port city and the oldest Greek city in France.

Walked out the train/bus station and was treated to this view

The Arc de Triomphe.......................................  of Marseille

A random, who knows how old, wall blocked off by metal boundaries... interesting.

This is Cathédrale de la Major. I love the stripes!

Photo credit: Molly

This is a picture my friend, Valerie, and me.

Photo credit: Val

This is my friend Molly and me.  I'm sorry that I look like I'm grimacing.  I promise I was smiling.

Unfortunately the cathedral was closed so we could not see the inside but this is the arch above the main entry way.

We'll be getting to that church on the hilltop later...

I found this on steps in the city.  

Cris is one original romantic.

I told you it is a port city!

We walked up the hill for this view.

Photo credit: Val

My friends in front of the huge city of Marseille.

This is that church in the distance. Its really a basilica called Notre Dame de la Guard.  For this hill we took the bus.  We even met a nice old guy that told us that he rode the bus for fun.  That may have been a mis-translation on our part.

More stripes!

And even inside too!


This basilica went for the busy look when decorating.

Some plaques that I imagine were well paid for:

Fun fact that I learned from Wikipedia while making this post (it is from Wikipedia so no promises on it being truthful): The book The Count of Monte Cristo was set in Marseille!

I obviously have to read it now, once I return home.  Speaking of which, I don't think I will be able to catch up with my blog before I have to leave for home.  But no worries I plan on completing it once I'm back in the USA and have free time!  But I will try to post a couple more times before then.

Au revoir,