I accidentally left my iPod in the park yesterday.  As luck would have it, I didn't realize until late that evening, and when I went back to check, my iPod was gone.  I was really upset.  I filed a police report, but I don't really expect anything.  Not only is my iPod my music source, it's my alarm clock, my timer, and my notepad, I literally use it everyday.  

As I set off for my run this morning, I was irked that I didn't have a soundtrack to run along to.  Then, as I was passing through Kelvingrove Park, I heard a familiar sound.  A group of bagpipers and drummers were standing in a circle and practicing.  Most of you know that the founder of Carnegie Mellon University was Andrew Carnegie, a Scott.  What might be a surprise is that CMU is the only university in the USA to offer a bagpiping major.  And since a band of pipers are really too loud to practice indoors, the only place for them to practice is standing in a circle in the middle of the main lawn.  It is one of my favorite things about CMU, that you can be headed to class on a random Wednesday and, if the weather's nice, you will be serenaded by the pipes.

This little taste of home meant so much to me.  I realize that, while I shouldn't try to lose expensive electronic equipment with regularity, it is nice to become unplugged.  Because maybe what I really need, is to turn everything off and listen.