I have seen Mydidae which was fearless and truthful.  Burn the Floor which is the most precise, energetic, and skillful dancing that I have ever witnessed live.  The Woman in Black which was the first horror play I have ever experienced.  Tailor Made Man, an all new musical (the first one I've ever seen centered around a gay couple). Potted Potter, a kid's show full of joy and (of course) all about my favorite boy wizard.  And finally, MacBeth with James McAvoy (front row seats on returns for 25 pounds) which was the single greatest Shakespearean play I've ever seen.  It was fantastic because I was so close to the action, I literally could have reached out and touched James at one point (I didn't because he was carrying a bloody axe, but you get the picture).

I have met Vim, the short Indian who stopped me in the street to tell me I was pretty. Bessie, the 3-year-old with whom I played a wonderful game of "boop" with at the National Portrait Gallery. David, the drunk Australian wandering around Trafalgar Square looking for a Chippy at 2 AM.  Jane and Jen, the sisters who were on holiday together and decided to see "Burn the Floor".  Leonardo, the Italian restaurant owner who kept pouring me glasses of wine (and who am I to refuse free wine?).  Polly, the film producer who helped me talk through all the weird feelings I felt after being captivated by Mydidae.  A lovely American/British couple who I cued with for two hours to get MacBeth tickets on a Monday afternoon.  Manuel, who I shared a hostel with and whom I helped to improve his English.  Hannah and David, a couple in my hostel from Germany.  Andy, the Scottish barman who was the first Scott to ever tell me that my Scottish accent was decent.  Alex and his mother Caroline, who were out having wine and hor derves before the ballet for her birthday.  Leonardo, the Italian barman who refilled my glass for free (and who am I to refuse free wine)?  Benjamen and Christina, the French/Mexican couple who sang and danced with me and The O Bar to Cee Lo Green.  Devika, a friend of a friend who took me to Chinatown for an all you can eat.  Kam, the most wonderful Indian guy who took me on the London Eye and has the most interesting life story I've ever heard.

Thank you London!