Living in a new place with new people, new customs, and a new language can be difficult for many people. There are definitely a few girls in our group who are having a hard time adjusting to everything here in Argentina. It's totally normal to be homesick, it's all part of the experience! There are many ways you can make it better....or worse. You are living in a foreign country and while it may only be 6 weeks, 3 months, or 6 months, it will take some adjusting. For me, the last time I was in Argentina I experienced homesickness because of the people in my group. Nobody wanted to speak Spanish and I felt like I wasn't learning anything. So, I went out of my way to make friends with the kids from the other exchange program that were here and with the students in the university (UCEL) where I was studying. It changed everything drastically and my experience was so good that I decided to come back to Rosario for a second time. This experience, the chance of a lifetime, is what you make of it. You can spend all your money on weekend excursions, seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, and making the most of your study abroad. Or you can go out to lunch with people and be antisocial, sit on your social media, and text your boyfriend back at home. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor, don't ask for the wifi password when you go into a restaurant. Turn off the Facebook and twitter notifications. People will assume you don't want to be with them when you spend all your time on your phone. If you are continuously talking about the things you miss at home and the things that suck here, you won't see the beauty in it all. It's so frustrating to me when I hear these people talking about the terrible time they're having but they aren't even making the effort! You are missing out on all the amazing things around you and you don't even notice. My advice to all of you: stay in a hostel instead of a hotel, go out of your way to try to talk to someone new, go out on a Tuesday night when you have class early Wednesday, live up every single minute that you have in whatever country you are in. They always say, "When in Rome...." well, when in Argentina I'm going to live exactly as these people do, and you can bet I will love every single second of it. Even if it's different or a little scary, it will be worth the memories I will have years down the road.