I was wandering around Dumbarton Road trying to find the post office that Google maps told me was close when I decided to get some help and ask a nice looking old man for directions.  He told me that the post office I was looking for was closed, and gave me some directions to a different one.  It turns out we were walking in the same direction for a bit and smiled and said, "It's not every day I get to walk next to a beautiful lass."  I said, "It's me that's lucky, cause I get to walk next to a handsome gent."  The man chuckled and, as he turned to go into a store, said that I needed to see an optometrist.  I replied, "That's where you're wrong, you're assuming that I judge beauty with my eyes."  

I wish I could say that I actually said that last sentence, but I only thought of it after the man had walked into the store.  All day I wondered how his day might have been brightened by the words if I had uttered them in time.  It goes taught me a lesson though: I will always regret kind words left unsaid.