Hello Everyone! I've made it to Arusha, Tanzania! And, so far, so good. I have travelers insurance, I'm remembering to take my Malaria medication and I've survived through about 30 hours of transit! I even was able to read up on some Tanzanian history (the first European that sailed to Tanzania was Vasco De Gama from Portugal) and on the bus ride from Kilimanjaro to Arusha we got to see some herders, who were dressed in seemingly traditional garb (possibly they were Maasai, the indigenous Tanzanians) herding their cattle across the road...in the dark. The people we've met so far have been exceedingly nice.  I felt kind of bad because at the airport because a kid started helping with our bags, we didn't need help and didn't ask for it, however, he carried bags all the way from the airport to our van and when he went to leave us he kept saying "tip, tip?" and none of us had any money yet, so we couldn't give him any.  So! As a side note, either always have small bills or make sure they understand that you really do not want or need their help, because I think that if our bus driver (Mate) and Assistant Program Director (Frida) had not been there, the kid would have been more angry than he was. However, that did not damper the feeling of excitement that being in a new place brings and even more than being in a new place is the amazing realization that I'm under a set of stars that I've never before seen. Jambo Tanzania, I'm ready for an adventure!