Here are a few recipes of dishes we made in our Italian Cooking class:


Serves 6

6 Turkey Slices

125gr Fresh spinach

6 slices Prosciutto

6 slices Scamorza cheese


Fresh Cream

1 Zucchini (or artichokes)

Oil, Salt, Pepper

Cut the zucchini in julienne shape. If using artichokes peel leaves until the tender center and cut down the stem to get to the inner core of the stem. Keep in a bowl of water and lemon juice to keep fresh while preparing the rest of the meal.

Saute the spinach in oil and garlic. Salt and place in a deep baking dish. Chop the artichokes and cook in a pot with garlic, oil and a little water. Cook until water is evaporated and artichokes are soft.

Flatten the turkey slices and add salt, pepper, and add the scamorza sliced and chopped zucchini (artichokes). Roll the meat up and then roll within the prosciutto slices. Place the rolls on top of the spinach and add 50gr of fresh cream and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.


Serves 4

300ml (1/2 pint) double cream

2 tablespoons sugar, or more to taste

about 8 drops vanilla essence (we used a full vanilla bean)

1 teaspoon powdered gelatine ( we used 4 sheets of gelatine)

Simmer the cream with the sugar and vanilla (if using bean, slice is and then take out when finished cooking) for 2-3 minutes, do not boil but only cook at the point in which it produces steam. Dissolve the gelatine (do not use more or the cream will be rubbery) in 2 tablespoons cold water and beat well into the cream (if using sheets, put in bowl of water to get soft, squeeze out water, and add to cream while cooking). Pour into a little serving bowl or 4 small ramekins. As the cream is very rich, small portions are best. Chill for a few hours until set ( we only did like an hour).

For each sauce, put strawberries in blender with 2 tbls of sugar and lemon juice. For blackberry sauce, so the same but separately with slightly less lemon juice.

(Below are the picture of our professors glorious interpretations of the meal as well, including a strawberry rose)


Try them out and let me know what you think!! Believe me, they're super easy to do =]