...and tell you who I am, or so I'll try.

You know how on the first day of school there are always "ice breakers", aka when the professor asks you to share several really embarrassing things about yourself in front of the whole class? Yeah, I hate those. It's like, why on Earth does my international relations professor need to know who my favorite Teletubby was? Does that somehow apply to the foreign policy of the US? Hmm...who knows, but let's just say those first days were always rather awkward!

Anywho, even though writing this first post made me think about those days, it's really not hard to do the whole introduction thing on a blog. If only it could be done this way in class! I should just tell the professor to check out my blog instead, to try and get out of any ice breaking I may have to do this fall. 

So, about this fall. I'm heading from Minneapolis to Krakow, Poland to attend graduate school at Jagiellonian University, and I'll be sharing my experience, photos and all, on here with all of you. I look forward to shining light on a region of Europe that not as many US students are studying in yet, compared with western Europe, as well as giving a perspective of a graduate student directly enrolled at a foreign school for the whole two years. There really are so many options available to students these days, from the location to the study program to the period of time and degree level.

In Krakow I'll be studying international relations between the United States and the European Union. This is basically what I studied for my bachelor's at Minnesota State University in Mankato, but I think studying this particular subject in an EU country will give it a whole new meaning. I'm definitely looking forward to starting classes and just the whole journey in general! Lots to do beforehand though - more on that in the next post. 

My school doesn't start until October 1st, so I still have a month left of summer. Yaay!! But don't be jealous - I'll still be in school long into June while American students are on the beach sipping mai tais...err, something like that. To those of you back in school already, best of luck to you with the fall semester! And have fun too - a new school year always brings much excitement with it! 

I'll post an update here again as it gets closer to October. In the meantime, I'll be sitting here getting all jittery wondering if they have ice breakers on the first day of school in Poland...eek!! That, and still trying to figure out who my favorite Teletubby was...if only I knew their names.

Until next time,

Sara :-)


Since I'm still in Mpls, here's an interesting photo of the city from last spring...can you tell what is missing here?