This is a guest blog post from myTab Inc

If you’re not aware of how the 3rd eye works, it’s based on state of enlightenment or evocation and higher consciousness. So, now you’re thinking – how does this relate to the topic of study abroad?

Well, imagine you’ve never left your home town, or your home state or worse, the USA – how do you know what’s going on in the world? How do you know how others perceive the USA, that Chinese food tastes different in China and most importantly, how can you expand your brain into thinking outside the box if you never experience other cultures, yet been cooped up in a box?

You can’t. This is why study abroad is imperative for your future. Imagine starting the first day of work, some day in the next year or three, and your colleagues are talking about ideas they picked up visiting London, Sydney, Hong Kong or Rome. How can you contribute to this conversation and be inspired to throw your own 10c into the team? Your ideas could be the making of you, bouncing up the career ladder. Watching TV, checking online, reading books and talking with people who have traveled is absolutely fantastic, but you really do sometimes have to see it to believe it. Your greatest inspirations may come from a Tuk Tuk, Toad In the Hole, La Tomatina, the Palio or old assimonim. Do you know what these are?  

When I was a student, I took a study tour around Europe for 6 weeks. It was mind-blowing. We galloped through 15 cities and truthfully, every town we went; there was a special something in every point along the way. That’s what made my third eye open. The potential of seeing how others live and moving out of the strong comfort zone cocoon is vital for all our brains to expand. Two years ago, I moved back to the UK for work projects. In the space of 6 months I’d notched up 23 cities while I dragged my laptop and Android all over Europe. If I’d not have traveled through this Continent all those years earlier, the idea of relocating 5000 miles to the UK would be daunting. But because I’d made traveling my ‘normal,’ I didn’t even bat an eye (not even a 3rd one!).

So now consider this, with the incredible announcement from Will.I.Am and the “100,000 Strong” initiative, the whole of the US is cheerleading for you to pack up your suitcases and start seeing the world during your amazing opportunity to study abroad. We want you to leave, spread your wings and flap your passport. Go, be gone with you, and conquer!

If you’re strapped for cash, then don’t let this stop you. There are no such things as problems, only situations.  Research into scholarships and check myTab to help fundraise your travels. myTab is a travel gift registry where you can invite friends/family to chip in towards your trip, save, plan, book & keep your wallet fat. You’ll feel an incredible sense of achievement when you’re landing in your study abroad country, knowing that you’re taking a step towards a whole new phase of your life.

One final reminder:  if you never do anything, you’ll be guaranteed to achieve just that!  If millions of students around the world are studying abroad, it can’t be that difficult. So open that 3rd eye and enjoy every moment of planning, preparing, fundraising and hopping around the globe. Tweet us your updates to @myTab and yes, you can thank us for this pep talk when you return!