i have been ireland for nearly a month now. a MONTH. time has flown by and as i look at my calendar rapidly filling up with trips, i'm realizing it's only going to fly by even more quickly.

this month i have:

1. moved to a new country-- ireland

2. made a handful of new great friends-- rachel, me, lucy, & lauren

3. celebrated my 21st birthday!-- jan. 20


4. visited the cliffs of moher-- truly majestic

5. gone on a sailing trip to kenmare with the nuig sailing club


6. visited the tiny town sneem with one of the irish sailing girls

7. visited well more than 10 pubs


tomorrow i am headed to scotland and in two more weeks i'm going to paris! i honestly don't think life could be better than it is right now. i'm so excited for what is before me and pleased with what i've done with my time in ireland so far. i'm pleased to announce that i haven't felt homesick as of yet. the only things i honestly miss right now are mexican food and warm weather. but being from san diego, california i think that's pretty reasonable, right?