Happy Independence Day everyone! In my mixed feelings for being home I decided to write one last post for you about some differences between the culture in Argentina and the culture here in the USA, as well as how things are adjusting being back home. I've been so excited to see my friends and family, and catch up with them. It's amazing how much things can change in just 5 weeks. Along with that excitement though, has been the times where I'm doing something or thinking of something and just want my friends from Argentina to be right there next to me. When you spend all day, every day with people, you get used to just being able to turn to them and say something. It's weird having to get out my phone and have to text them and say oh so and so did this and it reminds me of this. This is the kick start of my cultural differences, the cell phone. In Argentina, it's all about spending time with people. For us, we didn't have WiFi everywhere so we weren't always able to communicate but here in the US everyone is on their cell phones all the time. Turn it off for five minutes and actually have a conversation, please! The next thing is driving. We drive everywhere here. It was weird that I had to drive after walking wherever I wanted and whenever. I'm very excited to be home for the foods I've been craving but it's amazing how much healthier the food was in Argentina. There aren't the preservatives and all the junk that we have in our food here. For example, after being in Argentina in 2012 I am now lactose intolerant in the USA because of all the preservatives and junk that is in our milk and yogurt here. Dairy is fine but that is just something to consider for all of you going abroad. Your stomach might not be the same after coming back. My friend is having a hard time eating after being back from Europe as well, because of all the crap in the food here. Another difference is the people. In Argentina, everyone just wanted to talk. Our waitress at Bar del Mundo was practicing English and wanted to go to the states to visit and needed to finish school first. One of our waitresses was from Brazil but had friends that live in the US and she wished she was able to go visit but they might come to Argentina. Nobody has any problems talking to you! Every meal and experience is a social one. In the US, everyone keeps to themselves. You don't know everyone's story because why tell your life to a stranger? From working in the restaurant industry I've also noticed differences there. In Argentina, you can sit for hours just talking and drinking and enjoying the company. You wouldn't believe the amount of tables I have where the kids or the couples are on their phones the whole time. Hello?! What is the purpose of you going out then away? Finally the last thing (that I can think of for now) is how here everyone values their personal space. In Argentina, you greet someone with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. If you just met someone in the USA and went to kiss them on the cheek you would probably get punched in the face for invading their personal space bubble. Everywhere you go will be a different experience, don't take my word for everything that I've noticed because you may not wherever you decide to travel. Thanks for following me in my travels! Hopefully you learned something and enjoyed hearing about my trip as much as I loved writing about it. I could go on about it forever! :)