I have made it to Germany! I am running on about 2 hours of
sleep after 36 hours of traveling including the time change….but we made it
safe and soundJ

My mother, grandma, and I left chicago at 330 pm on Thursday
and arrived in Berlin around 6 am. Our flight was hardly full so we had plenty
of room to lay down and sleep. Airberlin also provided us with our own “ipad”
as I called, which had over 30 movies, tv shows, etc to choose from to make the
8hr ride barable. We were given a dinner consisting of pasta or chicken, german
potato salad, cheese and crackers, beverage, and a yellow cake. We also got a
breakfast of cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, a roll, and juice. Overall, pretty
delicious for airplane food and a feast compared to what we are used to!

We connected from berlin to frankfurt, arrived at around 11
am, met my grandma’s sister, Hanne, got our rental car, and were off.

We decided that we hadn’t had enough sitting for 2 days so
we drove another 5 hours to the small, but beautiful town of Garmish, in
southern germany. Garmish sits in the Bavarian Alps (so breathtaking) and has a
touristy feel in the center of the town lined with shops and fancy hotels, but
as you branch out of the main town, you can see the view of
farmland and tradiditonal style cottages.


That’s all for now. Time to catch up on some sleep. Gute Nacht!