Bonus Photo: My friend, Janna (right), and me (left) outside of the perfume factory

That night we all got dressed up and hit the town for about an hour (the chaperones were smart and only gave us a short time to get into trouble in famous Monte Carlo).

This way to the casino!

That ain't no Las Vegas casino, welcome to Monte Carlo!

Janna and me in front of the pretty fountain.

Me, Molly, and Martin in front of the casino

Close up and personal!

I showed my visa and paid the small fee to get inside the casino.  I watched my friends gamble some money at the slot machines.  Andrew let me hit the button on the machine he was using once so technically I gambled in Monte Carlo! Just not with my money.  Janna was the big winner with 10 euros on a Star Wars game!


The casino is also known for the fancy cars seen in its parking spaces.  As you may know, I know practically nothing about cars but I do understand Ferrari.

Next Post: Cannes (the place where they have this little film festival every year)

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