Today is Flag Day here in Argentina. It's extremely exciting because the first flag ever in Argentina was hoisted here in my city. For that reason, we have the National Flag Monument. Everyone will travel to Rosario today, there are no classes, no work, everyone will be celebrating! Even the President is expected to come! There will be a parade and a procession of the flag through the city. When I was here in 2012 they had spent 100 years sewing together the longest flag in the world and everyone walked through the city holding it. The whole city is decorated in blue and white, not only for the World Cup, but for today as well. I have never seen this many flags, even in the USA, hanging from windows, in stores, on cars, too! A lot of people say the USA is the most proud nation, I'm gonna assume that Argentina would be right behind us. After the celebrations today we have to quickly get lunch and grab our bags from our houses because we leave for Iguazú this afternoon! The Iguazú waterfalls are one of the 7 "New" & "Natural" Wonders of the World! I guess they hadn't be discovered when whoever created the first 7 wonders, but they definitely deserve to be on that list. The bus ride is 20 hours so we won't get there until tomorrow. I have updated all my music on my ipod, downloaded a new book on my nook, and bought snacks on snacks! Stay tuned for pictures! :)