During the first part of our study abroad program was a two day trip to London. The university where we are taking classes in Rome is called Richmond University. The main university is located in London but they have study centers all over. Since the main campus was in London, a trip to London is included in almost all of the AIFS programs. Last year I did study abroad in London and it is one of my favorite cities in the world so when I heard I got the chance to go back I was really excited. It was a good chance to go back and see where my old apartment was and all the places people would hang out at. Two of my best friends are on this trip so it was a fun experience showing them how to use the tube and showing them around London. The hotel we stayed at was really nice and across the street were some restaurants and also a tube station which was very beneficial. Given that we were only in London for two days we never stopped moving. A three hour bus tour was included in the trip which showed a lot of London’s major attractions like Big Ben, St. Paul’s and Buckingham Palace. The London trip was a great addition to the program and after two days we were off to Rome!