Once we landed in Rome, we went to a hotel near Vatican City for a night. Although the food in the hotel was good, we couldn’t wait to eat in little restaurants in the center of Rome! After our day long orientation we were shuttled to our apartments.  There are six girls living in my apartment. All of us had met and bonded during the trip to London so we all were comfortable around each other by time we moved into our apartment. Our apartment has a cute living room, kitchen equipped with a washer, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. After we decided who was going in what room we ventured out to see what was around our apartment. We live in Prati which is right near the Vatican. We attended mass at the Vatican and it was absolutely beautiful. As we walked along the streets back to our apartment we window shopped at all the little outdoor markets which lined the streets. So far Rome is amazing and I can’t wait to explore more!