This is a guest blog post from myTab Inc

Well hello there!  This is the time now that you’ve planted the study abroad opportunity seed in your head but not sure how to get the most out of planning for scholarships and budgeting. It’s normal to feel this way and believe me; I’ve been there many times before. But as with any financial hurdle, there are ways to get around it. We’re not talking about making a mountain out a molehill, we’re focusing on what you need to do to get from A to B and be on that flight in a few months.

It’s all down to how much you want to go, that huge urge to explore the world and especially, the next phase in your life that you just cannot miss out on. Got the travel bug? Then let’s get you started.

First things first – if you and your family are strapped for cash, then it’s a must that you speak to your university and study abroad provider about scholarship opportunities. The last thing you want is to be arriving in Madrid for study abroad and broke, so you miss out on making the most of your time there.
Once this has been finalized, you need to start hustling up travel cash. Yes, flights are not free – even for you! They can cost anywhere between $800 and $2000 for an international trip so this is where your negotiating skills are introduced. You literally, can’t afford to be low brow to ask for travel cash. Think of it this way – you’ve either asked or been asked for fundraising charity cash, yes? How about asking for a specific birthday gift card? What about couples getting married and a wedding gift registry being standard practice?  Yes – now you get it! This is the same thing – just a different purpose.

But you can make it a bit easier for yourself and your friends & family, who you’re asking for travel gifting. Want to know how? When you got to myTab, you can set up your study abroad trip and this notification posts to your Facebook Wall & Twitter feed so everyone knows you’re heading outta town. You can also use our auto calculator to gauge how much the trip will cost. Yes, we thought of everything! Then you gift yourself travel cash aka save trip funds, now knowing your target amount. Next step is to post out a message on your Facebook Wall & Tweet ‘YO! I’m heading to Spain for Study Abroad and already saving travel cash. My birthday’s around the corner. Can you gift me towards my trip. Dope!’  Friends and family then gift you for your trip and before you know it, you’ve got a fat fund account to redeem towards your flight on myTab. Travels are now booked and you can post more social messages thanking everyone.

If there’s ever a time to really need cash for a great reason, this is it. So don’t be sheepish and convert this to cheap’ish.  Now all you have to focus on is getting to the right airport, right flight, right destination…

Bought to you by myTab – a social travel gift registry. Gift, save, plan, share & book travel. On myTab, you can do any or all these. Brilliant!

By Heddi Cundle is an online travel gift card to help you fund, plan & save for your travels. BTW, set a reminder to check myTab’s new design upgrade mid October. It’s fun, interactive & going to blow your mind away…maybe to another continent!