A new farmer's market opened up in Copenhagen within the last month and deserves an entire post because of how amazing it is. My friends and I checked it out today, not expecting much but staying open-minded. Well, we were amazed. The two long glass buildings house tons of varying shops that have meats, cheeses, breads, wines, chocolates, coffees and teas, pastries, fruits, smoothies, frozen yogurt, nuts, fish, and so on. Every type of food imaginable is there. And the best part: free samples. You can make an entire meal out of the different free samples! And the plus side for the venders, you can't help but buy something after trying all of the tasty treats. We ended up buying a loaf of bread, pesto-infused cheese (yum!), apples, chocolate marzipan bars, and candied nuts. It was our first time so we decided to splurge. Simply phenomenal. This is highly recommended for anyone visiting Copenhagen. We felt very Danish being a part of the marketplace experience. Needless to say, we'll be going back!