The American's Snack Food Survivor Guide: China

I was inspired by this post "Check Out These Crazy Potato Chip Flavors That Are Popular In China" to do some grocery store photography. It's always cool to see what Oreo's are called in another language, and you never know, this could come in handy if you ever plan on coming to China. It won't help you make a gourmet meal, but at least you'll have all the sugar, salt, and caffeine you could ask for. Enjoy!

Coca-Cola 可口可乐 "Kěkǒukělè"
Skippy peanut butter 花生酱 "Huāshēngjiàng"
Maxwell House coffee 麦斯威尔咖啡 "Mài sī wēi ěr kāfēi"
Lay's 乐事 "Lèshì"
Oreos 奥利奥 "Ào lì ào"
Ritz 乐之 "Lè zhī"
Chips Ahoy! 趣多多 "Qù duōduō"
Frosted Flakes 香甜玉米片 "Xiāngtián yùmǐ piàn"
Corn Flakes 玉米片 "Xiāngtián yùmǐ piàn"
Red Bull 红牛 "Hóngniú"
Pepsi 百事可乐 "Bǎishìkělè"