I once heard that, if you come out of an audition and beat yourself up for not doing well, you probably didn't spend enough of that energy in the audition.  If nothing else, auditions should leave you tired because of the amount of yourself that you have given.  That is exactly how I feel whenever I practice my three Scots monologues in full voice.  Scots is a language in scotland that is like english, but can be quite unrecognizable to the untrained ear.  It is brash, in your face, and asks for no apologies about being so, and whenever I embody the three scottish characters in the monologues I have chosen for the Duncan Macrae competition (coming up this Friday) the experience leaves me worn out.  I feel like I go on an arc with these characters and fully embody them.  I am proud to say that I am the only American who has opted to enter, and I honestly think I have a shot at the prize.  In any case, I am proud to present my scottish monologues to scottish people (which is a terrifying feat in itself).