As a freshman, living by yourself in a new environment
around new friends and at a new study atmosphere it’s inevitable to feel
overwhelmed by all these changes. The first few days can be a nightmare,
running around all day trying to figure out the right timing when to wake up,
when to eat when to sleep, when to live… It’s nothing like you expected it to
be, living alone means taking responsibility about all and everything that goes
around in your life, the alarm clock, laundry, rent, bills, meals and daily
shopping among the overrated state of freedom and free will.

It’s not undoable though, it’s just a bit frustrating when
everything pops up at once and there is no way out. All this stress and chaos
makes your head spin, so usually one tends to find a formula to accomplish them
all at once. It’s called prioritizing, and frankly its nothing but humane.

One thing that makes for a student’s least of worries is on
what they feed. They mostly don’t even pay attention to what they are putting
inside their throats as long as it keeps them running on short notice. Happy
meals at the first fast food chain store that comes on their ways, cheap and
chewable, soda to keep them high on sugar along with energy drinks to maintain
alive and functioning in the night hours can this possibly have any nutritional
values. Close to nothing I’m afraid.      

A healthy mind inside a healthy body is not an overstatement
I reckon.  Malnutrition is a serious
health issue which if not addressed quick enough leads to various dangerous
medical conditions. As a student with all the budget and time limitations,
students tend to neglect this vital component until they face serious
disturbances which knock them on their feet. Cooking at home is the solution
that allows you to feed properly and relax for a short period on a
busy daily routine.            

Not to mention all the food money that you'll be saving and Don’t Like the University Mensa? Here Are Some Good Alternatives!

In order to do something you have to start somewhere that’s
way I have made a list of tiny hints to set you off.                                                       

Get a cookbook

I might be mistaken yet at this age there can be less than
few students who have a clear idea of cooking. Living on raw pasta and cheese
and scrambled eggs isn’t much of a life, I think everyone agrees on that
however it’s a start towards something more complex. Therefore go out and buy
yourself a cookbook. The recipes as you read them sound rather easy but don’t
fool yourself, cooking isn’t something you learn overnight, it takes time,
commitment and loads of love.

Rearrange your kitchen

In order to feel more comfortable around the kitchen, get
everything outside and see what's missing. Go shopping for the necessary
missing parts and then put everything according to one common order, the
easiest way to find them. Organize your kitchen in a way that things you’ll be
using mostly stay closer to wherever you are doing the flavor mixing party, and
the ones you use rarely stay somewhere behind yet where you have access without
smashing everything down. Now, since you know where everything is you can get the
party starting.

Check in with the kitchen

Oh, one other thing. You don’t want buying fresh ingredients
to go bad after a couple of hours in the summer days just because your
refrigerator refuses to do its job. Check if everything is alright with this
piece of machinery and so on with the cooker and other kitchen appliances. If
everything is working fine, it’s time to start getting frisky with the

Buy everything fresh

This goes without saying. Buy everything fresh and use it
while it’s fresh. The taste will be priceless, and if not the taste you will at
least avoid any kind of food poisoning.

No complex recipes

Start with baby steps. Complex recipes definitely appear
yummy in the pages however keep in mind that is was an expert’s hand who made
them look so. In order not to get highly disappointed aim low and reasonable,
you’ll get to them in time.

Avoid heavy and caloric meals

Once you start liking what you prepare another danger comes
around. Without the certain daily exercise and using too much public transport
can present an obesity danger. Ok, maybe not obesity however there is a high
risk of becoming a plus size which unfortunately isn’t in anyone’s
interest.  Hence carefully picking up
recipes low in calories will give you pleasure without taking away your
dignity, your size.

Music is the answer

Cherish multitasking. Put some music on while you are
dancing around your kitchen playing chef with the knives. Music makes people
happy, and food keeps them focused.

Invite people over

Once you start feeling confident about your meals, invite
people over and share the charm. This way you don’t end up eating all of that
by yourself and concurrently you engage in a decent and refreshing conversation
among real human beings.

Eat to enjoy not to survive

Food is supposed to give you pleasure; it’s an aphrodisiac
so treat it for what it is not just something that keeps you energized. We are
not robots, for god’s sake, we run on love not fuel.

Get creative with leftovers

Don’t ever through food, it’s stupid
and unnecessary. Pack everything up and put it in the fridge. The next day you
can heat it and use it as a side dish to some pasta, rice or fried vegetables.
Get creative with your food; you will be impressed with the alternatives.