As part of the U.S. State Department's "100 Strong Initiative," the Coca-Cola Foundation awarded $1million in grants to six different U.S. colleges and universities to send 150 students to study abroad in China. Along with grants from several other U.S. companies, this grant supports President Obama's plan to see 100,000 U.S. students study abroad in China over the next four years, with an ultimate goal of creating stronger relations between citizens of the United States and China, starting with the next generation of employees and employers. These study abroad programs specialize in culture, sports, science and technology, women's issues, and studying the Chinese language.

Students being sent abroad as part of this initiative are taking part in several different kinds of programs: business programs, internship programs, language immersion programs, and programs of culture and regional studies. would like to help students take part in history and join the expanding population of U.S. students to study abroad in China, for the good of our education and for the good of our future.

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