This past weekend was a perfect few days at St Andrews. The weather is finally getting a bit warmer and for all of Easter weekend there was bright sunshine, a rarity in Scotland of course.  My weekend started on Friday with another trip to Edinburgh with my friend, Ro's, parents who had come to visit. It was a casual day of shopping and lunch, a great time in a city I love. 

Friday night was spent at the Vic, probably my favorite place to go out in St Andrews. Going out here is very casual compared to most places. No one gets too fussed about dressing up, though in general people here are very classy, and everyone just seems to have a great time with their friends. It's a great combination of flat parties and bars/clubs so for me it has been completely perfect.

Saturday I went to the Rugby 7s tournament. It was such a wonderful combination of everything I love about college in America and Scotland. In general uni sports are not nearly as prominent here, at least on a spectator level, which is something I miss somewhat after going to a school with so much spirit. It was great to return to that with such a British sport to watch complete with Pim's in hand.  

Sunday was Easter. It was a return to work finished up by getting together with friends for a few episodes of Girls. In the morning, though, my hall had an Easter egg hunt at which my friends and I made a killing (I think the photo speaks for itself for this one). 

All in all, a wonderful weekend. Most of my favorite memories have been weekends like this. The people I've gotten to know here and the fun but simple times we've had together are what I will cherish the most about St Andrews. As cliche as it is, remember to take advantage of the little moments abroad because they will likely be what ends up defining your experience.