A while back I was able to go to a "Bottle Your Own Wine" Night.

We picked out bottles and filled them up with wine from containers.

We started with a rosé wine.

 Photo bomb!

Then there was this machine to get the cork in the bottle.


For me it was a throw back to chemistry except it was a bottle instead of a beaker or graduated cylinder and it was wine instead of some chemical.

+ cork =

You put the cork in the whole above the bottle and then used the handle to smash it into place.


Time for the red wine!

Placing  the bottle in the contraption.

Cork it Val!

When I tried to upload a picture this happened:

I thought it was interesting and decided to just leave it in.  This was the picture I was trying to upload:

A green bottle for the red wine, very Christmas-y.

Place the bottle.


Au revoir!