So the day after I went to Marseille a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate Molly's birthday!

The restaurant we went to was Pasta Cosy.  I highly recommend it!

First, we got all nine cute mini tapas and as you can tell from the blurry hands, chowed down. 

My friends and our empy tapas dishes.  The birthday girl is in the middle.

This is was my dinner!  It was the land and sea dish with pasta, chorizo, and scallops.

This dish was called nicknamed <<bling, bling>> as you can see why.

This meal was made of pasta bags, pears, and a mild blue cheese sauce. 

Would you like some Parmesan cheese with that?  Why, yes I would.

Bon Anniversaire Molly! (Happy Birthday Molly!)

Laura attacking dessert.

Yum Yum!

Au revoir,