One of the things that sets St Andrews apart from most other universities is that there are regular black tie balls. If you wanted to you could probably find one almost every weekend.  Most people, though, just go to a few each semester. When they say black tie, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to dress like you're going to prom or wear a floor-length gown, though many people do. It does mean, however, that guys have to wear a suit, a tux, or being that we're in a Scotland, a kilt. This past Friday was DRA Ball, the ball for my residence hall. Unlike most of these events for which the tickets cost about 35 pounds, this was free, so of course everyone went. Like any other event of this nature, so much of the fun of it was getting ready.  My friends and I all helped each other pick dresses and hairstyles,  every girl's flat smelled of nail polish (or varnish as they would call it here), and before we left a bunch of my friends came over for pre drinks and photos. Eventually we all got on the buses, and from that point the night was fantastic. The venue was spectacularly Scottish, one of St Andrews' a cappella groups, The Other Guys, sang, and there was dancing and free ice cream all night.  Overall, it was just a great night St Andrews style.

P.S. You should absolutely check out The Other Guys. They're fantastic. &