When Sammy, a guy in my class, asked me if I wanted to climb the tallest mountain in the UK for charity, my first thought was, "OF COURSE!"  It didn't even seem that difficult, only 3-4 hours to the top and, compared to the Rockies, that was a piece of cake.  Man, I'm dumb.  That rock was hard to climb and even harder to get back down, but thank God I did because climbing Ben Nevis was one of my favorite Scottish experiences (if the one that was most difficult on my knees).  I ended up walking the whole way with a first-year named named Alix Austin, and she was the perfect person to talk to.  It was one of those conversations that covered everything: life, love, the pursuit of happiness, and how much our feet hurt.  Isn't funny that the hardest things that we do in our lives end up being the best and most meaningful ones?  And how what really makes a difference in the end is the people we share those experiences with?