As many would agree, studying abroad is considered a life altering experience. Going abroad allows students to explore the world, strengthen their leadership skills, and challenge their intelligence by emerging into new cultures. However, students who are studying abroad in a foreign country must be sure to study with care

Last year more than 270,000 American students abroad between 2009-2010. Popular programs for students that are more commonly drawn to were in Italy, China, Great Britain, Spain, and France. Word of advice, students should choose destinations that are not dangerous by researching the countries current events and news BEFORE they depart the U.S..

For the most part, students will find that a variety of destinations will not conflict them with danger as they spend the next couple of months abroad. It is the students surroundings in the country that can become dangerous and to not become involved in any actions that can result in harm. 

Students can gain global awareness by keeping up with the world news as they prepare themselves before departure. Currently, there are three Americans who are enrolled in the American University in Cairo and were arrested in Egypt as they were studying abroad. Police arrested the students at a protest in Tahrir Square and accused the students of throwing Molotov cocktails at Egyptian security forces, at which the students deny. 

Be sure to take your study abroad programs advice on how students should act around the residents in the country you will soon be living in. Don't let time get taken away from you exploring a new and fascinating culture, and get involved in global news!