The kids at Newman decided to have separate pub crawls for the girls and guys. The girls were supposed to wear blue, but I'm not sure if the guys had a particular color they were supposed to wear. They started drinking around 3:30, but I started a couple of hours later than everyone because I had to do some readings before going out.



Afterwards, I changed into a blue top and went to the Pub crawl with the girls. We met up with the other girls around 9pm towards the end. We wanted to get a taxi, but it was taking forever, so we decided to walk to the pub on Brunswick street after we saw a Newmanite heading there. When we got there, everyone was wearing blue. The thing I love about Newman is that everyone participates in themed events and they go out of their way to have a good time with them. When we were at the Pub, the girls had a spontaneous chant they started yelling, and if your name is mentioned in it, you MUST skull your whole drink before the song is over! Its so nerve racking, but very fun. I did hide a bit so I wouldn't get called. My friend Amy and I bought a jug of sider and we split it. Hanging out with just the girls was pretty fun because this was another bonding experience for Newman. 




Then when we got to our last pub, the second and third year students were calling us out and told us to follow them through this alley way! When we got there, they ''hazed" us. We had to lay on the floor and they forced us to skull down beers and drink large quantities of goon, which is cheap wine.  Honestly, I had a super fun time, because we were being reckless and having a good time. Those nights are the ones that I will forever remember even when I leave Australia. 

Afterwards, the second and third years kept telling us that they had a surprise for us. So they directed us to this huge green grass area at the Uni called South Lawn where there was this long canvas with salt and water sprayed all over it. We all took off our clothes and went sliding down the canvas while they poured some more goon over us!  This may sound like such a messy experience, but it was an absolutely enjoyable time. Then, the police officers started chasing us so we all ran away and left. 

After that, we met up with the boys at one last pub crawl and we hung out. Everyone came together and enjoyed each other's company. We all joked around and talked about our eventful days. We sang our Newman chants of course and bonded as a college. 



The first picture is of Declan, Claire and me. I really like Claire because she has a great personality. I nicknamed her Ginj because of her hair. She is Non-Res, so she doesn't live in the college, but somewhere near. She really wants to have my room after I leave Australia! Well I hope she gets it!


(PS: I've included a link to the documentary I created about Australia's Art! Check it out and enjoy: