One Friday a group of students from my program decided to climb Saint Victoire (the nearby mountain that Cezanne liked to pain).
This is the happy we just got off the bus and still have energy photo: 

Photo credit: Mackenzie 

We walked down the road searching for the path.

"Is this it?"

"Looks like it! Let's go."

The path had prickly leafs and unsteady rocks but an amazing view.

A couple hours later...

"Guys I think we took the wrong path... the mountain is over there."


the Nutella had warmed up in the backpack it was carried in and was now pourable!

This is the lovely area we stopped to eat at!

This is a water reserve near the mountain.  The water was so clear!

Cooling off!

Elizabeth skipped stones and I tried to take photos of it:

The group after shot:

Photo credit: Jenna

And my favorite shot of the day... 

Photo credit: Jenna

We conquered! ... kinda

Although we didn't make it up St. Victoire we still had an awesome time and now we just have a reason to go on another hike (and we'll know where we are going)!

Au revoir!