Trying to convince yourself that studying abroad may not be
for you?

If any of the following are reasons why you've stopped working on your
application, think again! 

1. Finances

This is a big one, and understandably so. Studying abroad
can get pretty expensive, but there are ways around it. First of all, try and
pick a city that's cheaper to live in. Eastern Europe is

notorious for being
incredibly cheap (I can personally attest to Prague being very student-friendly
budget wise), whereas London can be more expensive.
If you live in a city where day-to-day life is relatively cheap, you'll have
more money in your pocket to spend on travel.

It's also important to apply for
scholarships. Ask your study abroad office for a list of scholarships they may
offer (my school pays for your plane ticket if you choose to study in two
specific cities, for example) or do a simple Google search. There's tons out
there. Studying abroad can be cheap!



Fear Of Missing Out. If you go abroad, you certainly will
miss out on some things at home. You may miss your sorority formal, a wedding,
or Mom's birthday. But I can guarantee that there is nothing at
home you will miss that will be better than your time abroad. Everyone you
leave behind in the states should have FOMO over your legendary experiences in
your new country, not the other way around! Don't let this be the reason you
decide to stay put. There's a whole world of adventure out there—go explore.
Home will always be home.


3. Losing Touch

A valid point. It's hard to leave your closest friends and
family behind, but it doesn't mean you won't talk to them for months. There are
tons of ways to stay in touch nowadays—Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, the list is
exhaustive. The time difference may be a little weird, but you'll be up at such
odd hours anyway, it shouldn't be an issue at all. 

Homesick happens, but you'll get through it!

4. Getting Homesick

Depending on your Study Abroad program (I'm a fan of CEA!),
you'll have a great support network and team looking out for your best
interests at all times. That includes office staff who have gone through
countless semesters of homesick kids, which means they know how to help you
out! You'll never be alone. It's okay to be homesick, but once you make new
friends and get into the swing of things, it's secondary.



5. I Don't Deserve A Vacation

This is no vacation! Although it may not seem like it,
studying abroad implies that studying is involved. And it is! You'll still be

attending classes and working toward a degree just like you would at your home
university, but now you have an edge on all of your fellow students.

There is
so much value in studying abroad career wise—employers love to see
that you've lived abroad, because it says a lot about you! You can clearly be
an independent person, thrive in a country where English may not be the native
language, and adapt accordingly... all valuable skills in a dependable employee.


Tansu Philip is from Chapman University and studied abroad with CEA
in Prague, Czech Republic.