Since I am writing 2 different blogs about my study abroad experience (and trying not to repeat posts) you'll find that a lot of what I post on this blog is related to program-sponsored events and my thoughts and reactions to the experiences I'm having while studying abroad, while my personal/school blog tends to deal more with non-program sponsored events and other miscellaneous posts. I just wanted to mention that briefly so you don't think that the only interesting things I am doing are the program-sponsored activites and trips that I keep writing about. Don't get me wrong, they are a blast, but they are only one piece of a much larger adventure that I am having in Argentina. :)

Our latest adventure was a folk-dancing class that took place in the API office last week on what happened to be both our resident director and one of the girls in our program's Birthday! After some homemade cake and mate, we began . . .

Enjoying some cake and mate in the API Office

Our Folk Dancing Teacher Showing Us Some Traditional Instruments

Folk Dancing!

Girls that study abroad far outnumber guys, but we make do with AWESOME FOLK DANCING SKILLS!

2 hours later, we had visited all of Argentina through the music and dances of each region, from the northernmost parts (Salta, Jujuy, etc.) to the southernmost city in the world (Ushuaia). In the words of our program director, "there is much more to Argentina's music and dance culture than the tango." The teacher did put on a couple of tangos for us at the end though, so the people in classes could show off their new skills and the rest of us could give it a whirl for fun. :)

We are going to an Estancia on Saturday to ride horses, eat some Parilla and soak in the gorgeous (fingers crossed!) spring weather, so keep an eye out for updates and pictures soon! In the meantime, midterms are next week so I'm going to keep this post short and say chau for now!