These past couple of weeks have been crazy. I have been so
busy and time has gone by so fast. I will provide a quick update from my
last post. I did end up getting a job. I am working at my college’s dining hall
as a Waitress for the formal dinners that happen on Wednesdays. It is pretty
cool, because I actually always wanted to try waitressing and I do not have to
clean any dishes! I started my first shift two weeks ago and it was really
easy going. I’m also working as an assistant to the Librarian in my college’s
academic center. 

 My a capella group is competing in a statewide
competition on May 16th. We have been rehearsing ever since the
school year began, so I am very excited. We just started adding dance
choreography to make it a little more entertaining. The head of the group
believes that we actually have a shot at placing in the competition. I am a
little skeptical because my college competed in an intercollegiate dance off
and we got last place! The competition was heaps of fun because of the tensions that arose backstage with the other dance groups. Everyone was so serious about the competition that I actually found it hilarious! Also, the competition was in the Billboard club, so the venue was awesome. Being on stage in front of so many people was exhilarating. The picture below is of our mascot, Holly. We did not originally have a mascot, but Holly decided to dress up last minute since all the other schools had mascots. She did an awesome job! 


I had also played intercollegiate softball and versed other
colleges. I have never played softball before so it was an interesting
experience being on an actual team. In Australia, I wanted to try things that I did not typically do in the US. In the games, I had a lot of
field time, which was exciting because I considered myself such a newbie. When I actually hit the ball for the first time, it was GREAT! I couldn't believe that I actually hit it because I was so concerned with not striking out! The opposing team caught the ball before I could run to first base, but that is fine with me because I still hit it! I also got one of the players out of the game because someone through me the ball and I caught it before they got to my base. I did get tackled by a huge beast woman, but I managed to get up and keep playing. Although, we lost
both games and the season is over, I still had a lot of fun going to the 7am trainings with my teammates! 


I was surprised that Australians celebrated St. Patty’s day!
I was so bumbed out that I would be missing the celebration back in Boston, but
I still got a little taste of it in Australia. My friend Olivia and I bought
approximately 10 jelly shots each and the bartenders gave us our hats for free.
It was awesome, but her hat kept folding in the front, which I thought was hilarious! Everyone was so pumped
about St. Pattys day so we decided to go to Turf, one of the big pubs. Our friend to the left of the picture ended up punching a guy because he came on to her, and we had to make sure that she was okay. Other than that incident, I had such a blast!