Attention recent high school grads!! With summer now in full swing, it might be hard to snap out of your recently acquired "senioritis." But, with your first semester of college fast approaching, don't let yourself get too comfortable on the warm beach or in front of the television. Now is the time to take advantage of your summer time off and prepare yourself for college. was recently featured in the US News article, 5 Tips to Use the Summer Before College Wisely. And believe it or not, there are easy ways to stay focused during the in-between stages of schooling that can easily fit into your summer relaxation time. Right now, high school might seem like ages ago and college might seem so close yet so far away. But, it has a tendency of creeping up fast and before you know it you'll find yourself moving into your new dorm room and seated in a lecture hall alongside a whole crowd of new faces. There's a lot to get excited for!

In the meantime, learn from these great bits of advice and stay on your game for the four challenging and rewarding years that lie ahead of you.

5 Tips to Use the Summer Before College Wisely by Brian Burnsed