Attentions Students! 

Cindy La Rosa at wrote a great article that let's parents know what to ask as their child is getting ready to study abroad. 

Now that Ms. La Rosa gives you an idea of what the 'rents may ask, its time to get your answers straight.  Do your homework.  If your parents see how prepared you are it will help them buy into the idea.

 You can find the article here:

 Some highlights...

In assessing whether your child should study abroad, here are five questions you should ask:


1. Where is the destination and how long is the program?

2. How safe is the country where the student will study?

3. Will your child's university or college give credit for the program you choose?


4 .What goals does the student have for his time abroad?

5. Is the student willing to fully immerse himself in a new culture?

Prepare yourself to answer these questions and more!