Study Music Abroad

If the idea of traveling across the globe to study music abroad sounds just as good as music itself, then you might be the perfect candidate for a program that allows you to study music abroad. Such programs are scattered all over the world, and you may have an interest in a style of music or instrument that originated in another country. Fine tune your bagpipe playing skills in Scotland, your knowledge of the didgeridoo in Australia or your understanding of the sitar in India. In any case, taking your education on the road and overseas could be instrumental in bringing new players and movements into the symphony of your personal and professional life.

Study Music Abroad Programs

If you are not quite sure whether you’d like to earn your music degree in a foreign country, you could prefer a study abroad music course rather than a full degree program. Austria’s University of Salzburg features a course focused on the music of Mozart if you have an interest in learning about the legendary classic composer’s life and the overall impact he had on modern-day composers. What’s more is the program includes visits to sites throughout Salzburg.[i]

Should you have a deeper interest in more contemporary music, you could be pleased to learn there’s a modern popular music course in London where students learn about the historical, sociological, technological and overall aesthetics of pop music.[ii]Keep in mind that when you choose to study music abroad, programs may not take the same length of time to complete as you might be used to in the U.S., which could help you earn a degree or education more quickly.

International Music Programs

You might find a music study abroad program to be a better fit than a U.S. course or program if you’re intrigued by a style of music that was either created in a foreign country or is popular in a foreign country. For instance, Italy is well-known for its music, and IES Abroad offers a music program focused on the tradition and innovations of the craft. Not only do program students have the chance to learn from world-class musicians, they also have the opportunity to perform at different venues. Something you might like about this specific program is that it’s ideal for vocalists, instrumentalists and performance majors as well as composers.[iii]

Bath Spa University in England features study abroad music programs for both semester and year-long students. While taking music courses, you learn alongside British students, learn more about British culture and have the chance to engage with other American students.[iv] As for your specific music courses at the university, your options range from sound design for moving images, critical theory and music in the West to global music, musicology and music analysis.[v]

Additional Advantages of Study Abroad Music Programs

Besides learning about music in a foreign country and getting the chance to engage with students and citizens of different cultures and nations, you might find music schools abroad offer additional advantages as well. For instance, you could earn transferable skills while overseas, skills you might use later on in your professional or personal life. Study abroad music courses might also be more affordable than U.S. classes of the same quality and length. What’s more is international programs often provide you with the opportunity to make lifelong friends and have unforgettable experiences.

Start exploring your options for a study music abroad program. Reach out to schools for the most up-to-date information regarding program length, features and overall costs. You might also want to look into scholarship and other financial assistance options to help cover costs. Tune up your education by enrolling in a study abroad music program today.