Teach Abroad in Australia | TEFL Courses in AustraliaPeople and communities throughout the world use English to navigate everyday life. Not to mention that English is one of the primary languages used in business, tourism, and international government. This means that knowing English may be an invaluable skill for people of various professions and backgrounds.

People who want to study English may do so through programs that emphasize teaching students how to speak, write, and read English. Those programs depend on the skills of trained professionals adept not only at using the English language, but also at teaching it to non-native speakers. Enter TEFL and TESOL courses.

TEFL and TESOL courses—or Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages courses, teach people how to teach English to others, especially those for whom English is a second or third language. You might use your skills to teach English in country where people want to learn English or in an English-speaking country where immigrants and others want to learn English. You might teach small children, teenagers, or adults. It just depends on where and with whom you put your skills to use.   

What Might I Learn in My TEFL Program When I Study in Australia?

Many native or highly-skilled users of the English language put their skills to good use by learning how to teach English as a foreign language. In many courses, students may learn how to put together lesson plans, manage the classroom, teach language skills, and utilize available resources. Depending on their program, they might also learn how to apply for jobs teaching English as a foreign language. What you’ll learn in your course depends of course on your particular program.  

Why Take TEFL Courses in Australia Instead of Another Country?   

One great reason to take TEFL or TESOL courses in Australia is to enjoy an international experience without having to navigate a language barrier. After all, in your TEFL program, you might solely want to focus on developing your teaching skills without the distraction of learning and using another language. You might also be interested in teaching English to indigenous populations. If so, spending time in Australia could expose you to the Aboriginal population and help you develop your skills. Lastly, you might simply want to enjoy all that Australia has to offer. You may be able to enjoy a fantastic adventure while you take this important step in your passion or career. 

What Might It Be Like to Live and Study in Australia?

First, you’ll likely have the regular structure of your TEFL courses shaping your day. When you’re not in school, however, you may partake in a host of Australian delights. In your day-to-day life, you may spend time at “barbies,” or barbeques, with your mates or trying Australian staples like pastry-layered meat pies, Lamingtons, and Damper (or, if you’re courageous, emu, Witchetty grubs, or Vegemite). You may also see what it’s like to grocery shop, dine, and socialize like an Aussie.

When you put on your tourist hat, you’ll likely embark on a number of adventures. You might explore Australia’s natural or cultural wonders and engage in metropolitan or decidedly rural or rustic activities. You may also explore Australia’s music and art scenes and experience the country’s unique blend of indigenous and western culture. When you’re in Australia, consider doing the following:

  • Beholding the beauty and wonder of the Great Barrier Reef with snorkel and fins.  
  • Exploring some of the country’s most treasured cultural hotspots such as the Sydney Opera House, the street art of Melbourne, and Hobbiton in New Zealand.
  • Hiking through the Blue Mountains, exploring the Cave of Wonders, or driving the Great Ocean Road.
  • Visiting with Australian wildlife such as wombats, koalas, kangaroos, and even sharks by foot, car, or boat.

These are just some of the many things you might do while taking TEFL courses and studying in Australia.

Teach Abroad in Australia​: How Do I Get Started?

Below you’ll find a list of study abroad programs in Australia that offer TEFL courses. Browse through your options and click on “Learn More” for programs details and to request additional information. You may also be able to read reviews and compare the program to similar ones. Now is a great time to get started! Good luck!