Find the Right Study Abroad Program Type for You

Study Abroad Programs come in a variety of formats.

  •  Academic Year and Semester Programs
    This is the most common program type for students interested in studying abroad during a semester or two during the academic year. Options include: fall, spring or full academic year.

  • Summer Programs
    These programs take place during the summer months, typically lasting anywhere from a few weeks to up to two months, (program length is dependent on each program).

  • Intensive Language Programs
    These programs allow students to be immersed in a foreign language for the purpose of learning to speak a second language fluently. What better time to learn a new language than when you’re in a foreign country?

  • Internship Programs
    Students who choose to intern while abroad get the opportunity to work in real world professional settings with a foreign organization while continuing their academic studies.

  • Volunteer Programs
    Volunteer programs are designed for all students looking to volunteer their help in a foreign country. The length and time of year for these programs depend on the need for volunteers and programs often accept volunteers on a rolling basis.

  • Full Degree Programs
    Full degree programs are great for students who wish to fulfill their entire undergraduate degree in a foreign country.

  • Graduate Programs
    These programs are designed for students who have completed their undergraduate education and are looking to receive an advanced degree in a specific subject.

  • High School Programs
    These programs are specially designed for high school students in grades 9-12, typically taking place during the summer months. High school study abroad programs not only look great when applying to college but also give students a head start on global exposure.

  • Intersession Programs
    Intersession programs take place during the short term breaks from the regular academic semester, typically over winter and spring breaks, designed to make the most of your undergraduate education.

  • Teach Abroad Programs
    Students interested in teach abroad programs are given the opportunity to gain excellent teaching experience in a foreign country.

  • E-learning Programs
    E-learning study abroad programs complement or enhance students’ studies by allowing them the opportunity to take classes from their home university online as they study abroad, or study at a foreign university online while living in their home country.

These formats are designed to cater to a particular goal or need – for example, summer programs tend to be shorter in duration and fit neatly into a rigorous academic schedule that doesn’t allow for time away.  Similarly, Intersession programs are very brief excursions in which you get a taste for another culture.  Explore them all to figure out what works best for you!