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Often confused as the nation's capital, Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia with a population of 4 million. The city boasts an eclectic gathering of diverse people from over 180 different nations who speak over 140 languages. Sydney's diversity has become one of the city's strengths as the people have a solid reputation for their hospitality and friendly, easy ways.

With 20% of Australia's population choosing Sydney as the place to be, it's not hard to understand why the city has so much to offer. Centered around its beautiful harbor, Sydney offers visitors and residents an array of gorgeous beaches, and with an average of 300 or more sunny days per year, people are sure to have the opportunity to enjoy them. And for those that like to enjoy the beach in relative isolation, Sydney offers approximately 60 different beaches, assuring that it's always possible to get away from the crowds.

This is not to say that lounging on the beach all day is all that the aspiring student can hope to accomplish. Sydney also operates as a financial and commercial center not only for the eastern states, but for Australia as a whole. The economy reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Sydney's residents.

Sydney provides a rich environment for study, in part thanks to the contrasts students can find there. The city's vibrant history can be seen in a variety of ways including a number of attractions and tours of such early public buildings as the Parliament House and Sydney Hospital. Sydney demonstrates its flair for high culture with world-renowned offerings such as the famous Opera House. At the same time the city knows how to turn that flair toward the less cultured, a fact testified to by the city's expansive nightlife.

Sydney also offers a range of other activities that provide a different sort of education. The city's love of sports and outdoor activities is not hard to understand with the excellent Australian climate to take advantage of. The legacy of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney have if anything increased the city's abiding love of these pastimes. Just some of the many activities the Sydneysiders enjoy are surfing, swimming, tennis, sailing, rugby, cricket, basketball, and golf.

With so much to do, you might expect to find the people of Sydney rushing from activity to activity, but the laid-back atmosphere of the city discourages such haste. Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons Sydney has to teach is the joy of sitting and watching the world go by against the backdrop of one of the world's most beautiful cities. Sitting and watching the boats in the harbor is considered a perfectly legitimate pastime - and with such a gorgeous harbor, why not?

Sydney is in some ways the mother of all Australia's cities. Students who choose to study there can be sure they will find the charming combination of a laid-back yet inspirational place to study, learn, and live.

    • State University of New York College at Oswego

    • CAPA Sydney - Summer Internship Program

      Summer internship program in Sydney, Australia through the CAPA Sydney Center. Placements are available at small businesses, corporations, art facilities, government agencies, brokerage houses, publishing companies, museums, and radio stations, etc. Students enroll in Perspectives on Experiential Learning Abroad (PELA) while fulfilling their internships.

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    • People to People Ambassador Programs

    • Australian Adventure

      ACADEMIC FOCUS: Architecture, Art, Conservation, Geology, History, Oceanography, Political science

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    • University of New South Wales, Institute of Languages

    • University of New South Wales, Institute of Languages

      Study English Language in Sydney Australia in courses at the University of New South Wales, Institute of Languages. The Institute of languages is the UNSW language school for international university, IELTS course, and English language college students in Sydney Australia.
    • oe-studyabroad

    • oe-studyabroad: Australia

      Summer short course - 12 days, 3 credit hours. Practical project-based course work.
    • AIDE Abroad

    • Work and Travel in Australia with AIDE Abroad

      AIDE Abroad’s Work & Travel Australia program allows you to work abroad in paid positions anywhere in the magnificent country of Australia! We provide you with the resources necessary to apply for the proper visa, along with the support and guidance to find the job you are suited for.

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    • International Film School Sydney

    • International Film School Sydney

      Committing itself to providing the best film education experience in Australia, INTERNATIONAL FILM SCHOOL promises its students the most thorough and intricate filmic storytelling training in the world.
    • Glendale Community College

    • Australia - New Zealand

      Explore the culture, literature, geography, history and demographics of both Australia and New Zealand during our 5-week intersession from January 3 to February 5, 2008.
    • Kaplan International College

    • Kaplan International Colleges - Australia

      English courses range in length and intensity so you can learn the maximum amount in the time you have available. Exam Preparation courses focus on getting you to a specific, internationally recognized level of English.

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    • Australian International Conservatorium of Music

    • Australian International Conservatorium of Music

      Music: Performance, Pedagogy (teaching), Composition and conducting are available as majors in any instrument/voice in any style.
    • Sydney International College - ESL

    • Sydney International College

      Sydney International College (SIC) of Business was founded in 1995 and prides itself on providing a high level of education in the English, Business, E-Business, Information Technology and Hospitality fields.
    • Billy Blue English School

    • Billy Blue English School

      Billy Blue English School provides quality English language teaching in an international study environment on the Billy Blue Schools campus, with the warm individual attention which only a small offer.
    • Access Language Centre

    • Access Language Centre

      English language program for overseas students studying English for work or academic purposes.
    • St. Bonaventure University

    • St. Bonaventure University: Sydney

      Life at Macquarie is more than study, and in addition to its excellent teaching facilities, it offers an abundance of social and sporting opportunities.
    • Nacel International

    • English Home Lessons in Australia: Sydney

      Get one-to-one English classes in Australia! Living in the teacher's home is the only system which prevents the student from speaking his own language after class and thus destroying a great part of what he has learned during classes. This is the whole key to rapid learning. Each student is hosted by a private native teacher.
    • Boston University Study Abroad

    • Sydney Internship Program

      The Sydney Internship Program offers a semester of study and work in beautiful, cosmopolitan Sydney, Australia, one of the hubs of the Pacific Rim. This program combines a professional internship with coursework on Australia s dynamic history, contemporary culture, and place in the modern world, including its literature, film, mass media, politics, economy and art. Courses are taught at the Boston University Sydney Center by faculty drawn from leading Australian universities and industry. Upon successful More...

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    • NSW Government Schools

    • Sydney High School Study Abroad

      NSW government schools offer students an education experience that makes a real difference. The welfare of each student and their academic progress is our greatest concern. NSW government schools provide a safe, positive learning environment for each student to develop his or her knowledge, skills and ideas. The Sydney Study Abroad program is designed for students who wish to spend 6 or 12 months studying high school in New South Wales and live with a local family. Students have a wide range of schools More...
    • ActionQuest Summer Programs

    • ActionQuest Summer Programs: High School, Australia

      Worldwide summer sailing and scuba adventures for teenagers (13-19). Participants live-aboard sailing yachts for three weeks, earning sailing and scuba certifications with marine science, water skiing, windsurfing and nautical skills.
    • University of Miami

    • University of Sydney

      The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 and is Australia’s first university. Committed to academic excellence in teaching and research, the University of Sydney is a leading institution in the Group of Eight which consists of the top eight research universities in Australia. Additionally, its excellence is renown internationally through collaborative research and partnerships. The enrollment is 45,000 with approximately 8,600 international students.

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    • English Language Company

    • Intensive English Programs

      Fast and effective learning with ELC's dynamic and modern programs.
    • IEM Study Abroad

    • Study Abroad in Sydney, Australia

      Explore Australian culture through Sydney – a major center for culture, communication and commerce in the Asia-Pacific region. You won't hurt for something to do off campus – with Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House close by.
    • University of Sydney

    • University of Sydney: Australia

      The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 and is Australia's first university. Committed to academic excellence in teaching and research, the University of Sydney is a leading institution in the Group of Eight which consists of the top eight research universities in Australia. Additionally, its excellence is renown internationally through collaborative research and partnerships. The enrollment is 45,000 with approximately 8,600 international students.The university has nine teaching campuses More...
    • Raffles Education Corporation

    • Design and Business in Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney

      Raffles offers international qualifications that are recognized overseas. Our bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes are accredited by the Australian government’s education department. To prepare students for international success, our programmes are developed to enhance both theoretical knowledge and technical know-how that professionals need. Certain courses offer industry projects and internships where students can gain industry-related experience and get paid. The time spent in a real working More...
    • Arizona State University

    • Study Abroad in Australia: Human Dimensions of Sustainability

      May 26th - June 17th, 2012. This 6-credit-hour traveling program is based in eastern Australia, and we spend 22 days exploring the cities, coasts and the outback of this remarkable country. Our program begins in the wonderful city of Sydney. Then we transfer to the more tropical climes of Brisbane and Queensland, visiting the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, rainforests and the stunning and stark outback. We spend most of our time in experiential activities out of the classroom, exploring case studies in More...
    • International House Sydney Manly

    • International House Sydney Manly

      6 levels from beginner to advanced. Focus on the four skills - speaking, listening, reading & writing.
    • Minnesota Studies in International Development

    • Study and Internships in Sydney: Experiential

      The Study and Internships in Sydney program offers courses that will deepen your understanding of Australian culture. The strength of the program is the internship, which allows you to integrate with Australians, experience the culture first-hand, and gain professional skills.
    • Macquarie University

    • Macquarie University: Summer

      Macquarie University is a modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan leading provider of education in Australia . With over 29,000 students enrolled throughout 2003, including 5,944 international students, from over 87 countries, studying onshore and 1,026 studying offshore.
    • Widener University

    • Sydney, Australia Summer International Law Institute: Academic

      Program runs from June 13 - July 16, 2010. Widener University, in conjunction with Law School of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, is once again offering an exciting academic and cultural experience for law students. The University of Technology is located in the heart of Sydney and is just a short walk to Sydney Harbour.

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