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Studying abroad in graduate school might give you the extra edge you need to stand apart from the competition when it comes time to find a job. While studying abroad is most frequently associated with undergrads, it’s become a growing trend among graduate students as well. Studying abroad for your graduate degree not only grants you an opportunity to explore another part of the world, but can also bring on a host of additional benefits:

  • Most programs are taught in English, so there is no need to be fluent in another language.
  • It is possible for students that study abroad in graduate school to receive their degrees quicker than if they studied in the US. Many foreign students that studied abroad in graduate school actually received priority registration, so they were able to get into classes they may not have been able to in the US. Also, the education system in the UK allows for most students to receive their graduate degree after only twelve months of studying!
  • Because students may be able to earn their degree quicker, there is also a lower cost because students only need to pay for one year’s tuition.
  • There are various funding options for students studying abroad such as scholarships and grants. Many exchange programs actually allow students to pay the same tuition they pay at home!
  • Thanks to globalization, the demand for employees with international experience is growing rapidly.

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