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    • CISabroad - Center for International Studies

    • Intern in China

      Intern in China offers a wide range of internships throughout Shanghai and Beijing, giving you all the flexibility you need to get the right internship at the right time in your academic career. Select a program from a month to a year in length, with flexibility in your start date or choose our popular Summer Intern in China program with set dates. We encourage you to stay as long as you can to get the most out of your internship and immerse yourself in the culture. Internships are available in More...

    • Institute for Shipboard Education - Semester at Sea

    • Semester at Sea - Spring Voyages

      Sail around the globe exploring up to 15 countries with Semester at Sea and get the broadest cultural and intellectual exposure possible in one semester. Classroom learning aboard ship integrates with relevant field studies in port, immersing you in the world's most important issues such as sustainability, economic empowerment, globalization, religious pluralism, and national identity. You will earn a full semester of transferable credit from the and gain global skills that stand out like nothing More...

    • University at Albany, State University of New York

    • China: Peking University

      Students with no or limited background knowledge in Chinese can choose to take Chinese language and related courses that are designed for international students are different levels. A placement test is administered to all international students, except for those with no language background in Chinese, who plan to take Chinese language classes before students can register for classes. Students who are fluent in Chinese can enroll in the regular university courses that are taught in Chinese. Peking More...

    • World Internships

    • Internships in China

      Internship placements are available in Shanghai and Beijing with start dates available year round, and program lengths of 6 weeks up to 6 months. Language instruction will help you in your day to day activities and internships are available both in Mandarin and in English to fit your language level. Diverse placements are available in international business, design, art and culture, education, engineering, fashion, healthcare, hospital and tourism, human resources, law, marketing, information technology More...

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