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Course Outline American Studies at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies is defined as exemplary and interdisciplinary
Heidelberg, Germany
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Full Degree
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American Studies

Program Overview

Program Description:
Course Outline American Studies at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies is defined as exemplary and interdisciplinary teaching of cultural knowledge about the United States of America in subjects such as American literature, economics, geography, history, art history, law, musicology, political science, philosophy, sociology, and theology/religious studies. The MAS is a 12-month course starting each winter semester. Students earn 60 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points during the course of that year: Winter semester (early October to end of January): Starts with a two week orientation period followed by a weekly curriculum of 6 subject courses, 3 tutorials, 1 colloquium, and 2 additional courses. Students have to take three oral exams during the first week of February. Winter break (February and March): During the lecture free period students are expected to write and hand in three research papers and develop the topic of their M.A. thesis. Students will be required to hand in an outline of their M.A. thesis by the end of April. Towards the end of the break there will also be a one week excursion to Berlin. Summer semester (End of March to mid-July): Weekly – 1 Interdisciplinary Seminar, 1 Colloquium. 1. Thesis Tutorial. Beginning of June: Presentation of thesis outlines. Summer break (mid-July to September): This time period is reserved for writing and finishing the M.A. thesis. M.A. thesis deadline: August 31. Graduation: October. The MAS consists of six types of courses taught in English.
International Requirements:
Application Checklist for International Students In order to apply for the MAS program you have to fill out the MAS online application and send the following documents in hard copy to the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais, Attn.: MAS Admissions, Hauptstrasse 120, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany. (Please use the following as a check list!) • A completed MAS application form. • A one-page CV The printed PDF-forms: • References by two of your previous academic or professional supervisors: The references must be submitted in sealed and signed envelopes. If necessary they can be continued on official paper carrying the institutional letter head and must be stamped with the institutional stamp. • A copy of your high school diploma • Transcripts of your high school leaving grades in the English original (or translation into English • A one-page abstract of your B.A./M.A. thesis (in English) • A writing sample in English of 2 to