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Earn 6 credit hours while living in London for a month during the summer on the British Studies Program organized by The University of Southern Mississippi through an academic consortium of colleges and universities.
London, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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The British Studies Program, founded in 1976, is organized by The University of Southern Mississippi through an academic consortium of colleges and universities. The program offers ten to fifteen different courses in various disciplines. Students will take one course and earn six credit hours through lectures taught by British scholars, artists, business leaders, and government officials, and through field excursions to various locations in and around London. On British Studies, London becomes the students' classroom as they experience their subject first-hand and conduct research supervised by their professor.


Setting Description:
To walk across London is to travel through time and space. One minute you’re standing next to ancient Roman ruins, and the next, you’re on a street where the music you’ll hear everywhere tomorrow is being created today. Walking side by side with people from virtually every culture on earth, you’ll feel your horizons expanding with every step. As the folks you buy morning coffee from tell you about the lives they led in the Ukraine before coming to live where you do now, on the South Bank of London’s beloved River Thames, you will experience first hand what it means to live in a truly global village. What’s missing? Just you, walking under the moonlight and stars, to cross “your” river and bridge home from a play you dreamed of seeing since your childhood. And you, taking some reflective time to look again at Big Ben’s tower on one side and St. Paul’s Cathedral on the other. While the rush of the river is drowned out by a flood of buses and rickshaws all around you, Stamford Street
The 2015 program cost for credit is $7200. The cost includes the following: program deposit ($250 due by application/deposit deadline listed below) round trip international airfare* tuition for 6 semester hours housing in London shared use of a kitchen in London LondonAWAY! outbound transportation housing during LondonAWAY! required museum visits, theater events and other academic activities required academic excursions (*Students wishing to make their own f