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An opportunity to discover and explore Uta Hagen's acting methodology and techniques with the celebrated teacher Carol Rosenfeld.
London, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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This workshop will examine the practical application of Uta Hagen’s approach as discussed in her book A Challenge for the Actor. Through acting technique and scene study, “The Six Steps” becomes an integral part of the actor’s craft. When you discover what works for you, make specific, meaningful choices and have more confidence in how to find the role in your unique self and you in the role, acting is joyful.


Uta Hagen’s approach probes the depths and heights of human behavior.  This workshop will introduce you to the infinite potential of Hagen’s exercises. They offer the actor a structure for lifelong practice exploring the dynamic interaction between sensory/emotional experience and the creative imagination in serving the play. We will discover how, in honoring the play, the individual talent is revealed and released.


Carol Rosenfeld

Carol Rosenfeld began teaching at HB Studio, New York, 50 years ago, working alongside two of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th Century, Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof.

“Uta and Herbert embraced me, saw my talent and nurtured it. I entered an environment in which artistic freedom flourished, where respect for the art of acting was assumed; I was given the space to find my own way as a teaching artist. I love the work and everything about it.” – Carol Rosenfeld

Carol’s teaching experience includes: HB Studio - where the legacy, values and principals of its founding members continues. There she created the Hagen Institute’s Six Week Summer Intensive, Core One Year Training and the Hagen Teacher Training Lab and served as the first Director of The Hagen Institute 2010-2014. As a Fulbright Specialist: she taught workshops for La Escuela del Actor in Montevideo, Uruguay and the Polish National Film School in Lodz. Master Classes: Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Copenhagen, Barcelona, London and Melbourne, Australia. Rutgers (New Brunswick), The National Theatre of the Deaf, The National Theatre School of Canada, The Shaw Festival (Niagara on the Lake).

Carol also authored her widely recognised Actor’s Workbook; Acting and Living in Discovery as well as the Hagen Technique chapter in Training for the American Actor.


Setting Description:
This course is taught on our parkland campus in specialist rehearsal and performance spaces and theatres.
850 GBP. Wednesday 5th to Wednesday 12th July 2017. Classes take place 9.00 to 5.00 each day and all teaching will be led by Carol Rosenfeld. Fee includes all classes and training, meal plans and wifi access. On campus housing available for an additional fee.

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Applications are welcome from those aged 18+. Candidates should actively enjoy all aspects of practical drama work, be motivated, enthusiastic and prepared to devote time to the study of texts and rehearsal.