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Our flagship, year-long Mechina Program is designed for high school graduates who do not qualify for direct admission to a Hebrew University degree program.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

Program Overview

Program Description:

The Hebrew word mechina means “preparation.” The preparatory Mechina Program at Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School is designed for high school (secondary school) graduates from abroad who wish to become fluent in Hebrew (and English) in order to pursue undergraduate studies in Israel and do not qualify for direct admission to a Hebrew University degree program. In addition to serving as a gateway to Hebrew-speaking Israeli society, our year-long program can open doors to top-ranked Hebrew University degree programs and other academic institutions in Israel. Our supportive environment will help you become independent in a new country, culture, and academic system. You will also benefit from professional academic counseling. 

Generally, a high school diploma from an institution outside of Israel is not considered equivalent to the Israeli matriculation certificate (Bagrut). Furthermore, your command of Hebrew and/or English may not be strong enough to gain admittance to a Hebrew University degree program. Determine whether you qualify for direct admission.

Preparatory Programs in Other Languages

  • Yesod (for Russian speakers)
  • BASIS (for French speakers)
  • Sadarah-Kidma (for Arabic speakers)

The Israel Universities Option (IUO)
Students in the First-Year Study Abroad Program who plan to do a degree in Israel join the Israel University Option (IUO). IUO prepares students for academic study in Israel and enables them to apply for admission to bachelor's degree programs at the Hebrew University and other Israeli institutions of higher education. 

Qualified students who wish to pursue a science major in Israel must join the Preparatory Program–Mechina at the beginning of the academic year. Other students may join the IUO Humanities or Social Sciences track either at the beginning of the year or following their first semester. During the year, IUO students take 6-14 hours of Hebrew a week, depending on their level. Most IUO classes are taught in Hebrew. The IUO is offered in conjunction with the RIS Preparatory Program–Mechina and follows its requirements and calendar. 

Setting Description:
From the hilltop of the Mount Scopus campus, the incredible panorama of Jerusalem unfolds. Medieval maps show Jerusalem as the heart of the world. Astonishingly, it remains there: the seam line where West meets East, the First World faces the Third World, and where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet.

Additional Program Information

A high school diploma/certificate granting eligibility for admission to university studies in the candidate's country of origin. Learn more about eligibility requirements here
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