South Hamilton, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Religious Studies

Program Overview

Program Description:
Master of Arts in Ethics and Society Goals 1. To develop skills for ethical analysis and argumentation based on knowledge of the scriptures, Christian theology, and contemporary cultural contexts. 2. To develop aptitudes and attitudes for living and speaking the gospel in the context of Christian community so that Christian convictions can be applied in the practices of daily life. 3. To foster love for God and his word and to cultivate the practices of spiritual maturity and Christ-like character, and to understand the Christian’s ethical responsibilities in family, church, and society. 4. To understand the basic content and themes in the Old and New Testaments in their historical and cultural settings and the historical and theological dimensions of the Christian faith. 5. To foster understanding of the evangelistic and missiological dimensions of the Christian faith in its local and global contexts. 6. To develop competence in a biblical or research language in order to develop exegetical and research skills.

Additional Program Information