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Master of Science - Psychology (concentrations in Experimental Psychology and Industrial/Organizational).

Emporia, United States
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Full Degree
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The Department of Psychology has a rich and distinguished history dating back to the late 1800s and Dr. Norman Triplett, who published the first experiment in social psychology. Modern laboratory facilities equipped for a variety of human and animal research projects with computer labs and smart classrooms continues this established tradition of excellence.

The Department of Psychology offers programs of study leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree with majors in Psychology with a concentrations in Industrial/Organizational.

All Psychology applicants are reviewed by a committee as soon as their applications are complete and will be notified within 2 weeks of the committee’s decision.

Students completing the thesis option select a thesis committee consisting of two faculty members from the student's field and one member outside the field. Students selecting the thesis option are required to complete both a proposal and defense meeting with their thesis committee.  All Psychology-Industrial/Organizational students must complete a thesis.  

Non-degree seeking students may not apply more than 9 graduate hours taken as a non-degree student to a graduate program in the department.  In addition, these courses must also meet the seven year time limit established by the Graduate Council.

 For letters of recommendation, at least two must be from faculty who had you in class, conducted research with you, and/or are familiar with your academic performance.

Applicants who have been rejected for admission must complete all background deficiencies and repeat undergraduate courses to raise their undergraduate GPA on the last 60 hours to a 3.25 or a cumulative GPA of 3.00 before reapplying.

A degree program must be completed and approved before the second term of enrollment.  The student should apply for degree candidacy after completing 15 hours of course work. A student must be a degree candidate before enrolling in thesis, practicum, internship or sitting for the comprehensive examination.

Students selecting the industrial/organizational concentration must have taken and passed Principles of Management and at least 6 hours of undergraduate business/management courses. Suggested courses include accounting, business law, computer programming, information systems, finance, human resources, marketing, management, statistics. If deficient, these courses may be taken concurrently with graduate courses except in the case of a background course being a prerequisite to a graduate course taken in the same semester.

Additional Program Information

National Association of School Psychologists
Financial Aid:
1) An overall 3.00 grade-point average on a four-point scale or a 3.25 on the last 60 semester hours for the undergraduate degree. 2) Three letters of recommendation. 3) Graduate Record Examination or MillerAnalogy 4 A personal letter that addresses the following: research experience (presentations, lab work, conference attendance), work/volunteer experience especially jobs relating to your area of interest in psychology, why you want to pursue a Master’s degree, and your future plans with your Master’s degree.
International Requirements:
For international student admissions, please visit the International Education web site.