Emporia, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Graduate Certificate
Teaching Science

Program Overview

Program Description:
Graduate study with concentrations in chemistry, earth science, physics, and physical sciences is offered within the Master of Science degree. Each of the concentrations are designed to promote a high level of competence and understanding of the subject matter. These programs prepare a student to continue graduate studies at the doctoral level and obtain or maintain employment in the chosen field with government agencies, industry or education. The degree program concentrations require that the student write either a thesis or a research report addressing a selected topic. The thesis option requires successful completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of approved graduate work. The research report option requires successful completion of a minimum of 32 semester hours of approved graduate work. Both options require successful completion of 15-25 semester hours in the major field(s). Specific course requirements will be determined by the individual candidate in consultation with the candidate's advisor and graduate committee. The candidate must pass an oral examination over the thesis or research report.

Additional Program Information

Higher Learning Commission North Central Association
Financial Aid:
At the time of application a degree aspirant’s previous academic work is evaluated. Upon admission to the program any existing deficiencies are identified and recommendations are made to address them by the graduate advisor for the applicant’s program concentration of choice. All students are required to pass the qualifying exam(s) for their discipline prior to the completion of 12 hours of graduate degree program work. If one or more parts of the exam are not passed, the student may be given another opportunity either by additional testing or coursework to satisfy this requirement. Specific qualifying exam requirements vary depending on the program concentration; therefore, students should consult with the appropriate graduate advisor for details. Admission requirements specific to the various concentrations within the Physical Sciences are outlined under the Admission Requirements headings for each concentration (Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and Physical Sciences).
International Requirements:
For international student admissions, please visit our International Education web site.