Program Details

Master of Science in Master Teacher .

Emporia, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Elementary Education

Program Overview

Program Description:

Emporia State University’s Master of Education in Teaching (M.Ed.) helps teachers, library/media specialists, and school counselors develop their skills and knowledge of teaching. M.Ed. is a 36 credit hour program which completed online.  Classes are available online during the spring, fall, and summer semesters.  The M.Ed. is for any teacher, or person in a related field, who desires to obtain a master’s degree. Option 1 of the degree does not lead to a teaching license or endorsement. Option 2 of the degree is associated with the Restricted Licensure program and leads to licensure. Option 2 requires the student to have a current teaching contract in the state of Kansas.

Admission Requirements for Master of Education in Teaching (Option 1 Non-Licensure):

1.   Admission to graduate study by the ESU Graduate School.
2.   GPA of 2.75 on the 60 hours of college course work for those completing a master’s degree.
3.   Official transcripts of all college work.

Admission Requirements for Master of Education in Teaching (Option 2 – Restricted Licensure):

1.   Admission to graduate study by the ESU Graduate School.
2.   GPA of 2.75 on the 60 hours of college course work for degree-seeking students.
3.   Two recommendations from supervising administrators.
4.   Complete and sign the disposition form.
5.   Receipt of official transcript showing award date of Bachelor’s degree two or more years prior to application for admission
6.   Documentation of a current, signed teaching contract for an appropriate* teaching position in the state of Kansas
7.   Verification of passing scores for Praxis II content exam
8.   Official Transcript Review**
9. Verified Supervised Practical Experience (40 hours or more)
            * Contract must be with a state accredited school and within the discipline of degree awarded, as well as meet requirements and regulations for restricted licensure within the state of Kansas
            **Transcript review with < 9 hours of content deficiencies. (For School Counseling and lab-based sciences < 12 hours.)


Additional Program Information

The Master Teacher degree is accredited by NCATE and the Higher Learning Commission.
Financial Aid:
• GPA (a minimum of 2.5 on last 60 undergraduate hours). • Graduate Record Exam Test Scores. • Graduate Essay Exam (a passing grade must be received). • Supervisor’s References (two references completed by supervising administrators on forms provided). • Faculty Evaluation and/or Personal Interview (prerogative of admissions committee). Admission points are assigned on each of the above elements. The stronger the performance, the greater the number of points assigned. Admission points are totaled and admission is determined by a department graduate committee.
International Requirements:
For international student admissions, please visit our International Education web site.